Organic vegetable gardens built in your backyard

Raised Vegetable Patch Packages

All our vegetable patches are raised garden beds, meaning we do not dig into the ground, but build on top of it. The beds are 20cm - 40cm high and encased in natural timber. We use untreated macrocarpa timber for all our raised beds. Treated or tanalised timber contains harmful chemicals such as copper, chromium and arsenic (CCA) which are injected into soft wood to prevent fungal disease and termites. CCA leaches from the timber through weather and rain. These chemicals then leach into the soil and contaminate your vegetables as they grow.

For more information on CCA click here

Full service packages start $1,300 + GST

Each package includes:

  • A built & filled raised vegetable patch
  • The first crop of seedlings planted for you
  • An easy to follow Patch from Scratch maintenance booklet
  • Month by month planting calendar (laminated for outdoor use)
  • Follow up consultation after 3 months
  • Companion planting & growing tip chart
  • Pest and disease control chart (laminated for outdoor use)
  • Crop Rotation chart (laminated for outdoor use)
  • Herb and companion flower guide

Additional items you can choose to purchase

  • Compost bin
  • Worm farm
  • Bokashi composting system
  • ½ day Organic Gardening course (highly recommended)
  • Water irrigation system

We are able to customize any of the packages to suit your requirements upon request. If you require a bigger or smaller patch - or a specific shape just let us know.

Vegetable Garden Packages

(Click on images to see bigger)

Urban Vitality Patch

A small compact veggie patch for those who are short of space or have limited time. Easy to maintain and looks great.

240 cm x 60 cm

urban vitality vegetable patch, small backyard veggie patch, raised vege bed

Quad Pod Potager Patch

Four strips, each 180cm x 90cm. They do not have to be adjacent to each other but will all need a good amount of sunlight. You will need the ability to access each patch from all sides.

180 cm x 90 cm x 4

Quad pod potager patch, four small backyard veggie gardens, raised vege gardens

Double Nourish Patch

Two strips each 180 cm x 90 cm. Each strip is split into two, with each compartment growing one of the four crop groups from the crop rotation method. One side can be up against the side of the house but you will need access to all the other sides so you don’t tread on the soil when tending to your garden.

180 cm x 90cm x 2

Double nourish patch, two vegetable garden patches, vege garden

Cherish Patch

One big patch that is divided into four by pavers. Great if you have limited space. Access is gained using the pavers between the crops.

240 cm x 120 cm

Cherish patch, large home vegetable garden patch, grow vegetables nz

Back Care & Elders Patch Adapters

We understand that different people have different needs. Back care and Elders patch adapters are deeper than the regular patches, so they sit higher above the ground - minimising bending which makes the patch more comfortable for older people and those with troublesome backs. Choose from the designs above and we will adapt it to your needs.

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