Organic vegetable gardens built in your backyard
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Patch from Scratch

Raised organic vegetable gardens built in your backyard

Want to grow a vegetable garden but don't know how? Don't have enough time or a beginner gardener?

We build raised vegetable beds both big and small. We can build in most areas, as long as it gets at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Do you have an old disused vegetable garden that needs reviving? Do you have some wasted space alongside the house? We can transform unused space into a productive vegetable garden that will look fantastic. Perhaps you only have concrete - our deep raised beds can be built on concrete or similar material.

Patch from Scratch offer:

  • An all-inclusive service based in Auckland, to create an organic vegetable patch in your back yard.
  • Simple, organic gardening methods such as crop rotation and companion planting.
  • The knowledge needed to care for your organic vegetable garden in our easy to follow maintenance pack which includes a month by month planting calendar so you know what to plant each month.
  • A follow up consultation after 3 months is included in the package price.

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Limited supply of Totara Patches –
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Grow Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden at Home